TEREC S.A. was founded in 2021 by a group of young people, sharing the same concerns about climate change and the need to act towards the recovery of valuable resources from waste, in the context of the Circular Economy.

The presence of the Company in the Greek market is highlighted by its appointment as distributor for the products of LINDNER, the leading Austrian shredder manufacturer, in Greece, Cyprus and Albania. TEREC offers to its customers a full range of stationary and mobile shredders with modern design, excellent build quality, proved reliability and exemplary performance-to-cost rate for any material, as well as the customer support they are entitled to in any circumstance.

TEREC undertakes the full support of the markets in which it is active, in the fields of equipment sales (shredders and supporting systems), spare parts sales and after sales services.


Integrated Solutions for any task

LINDNER proposes system solutions for the processing of most materials, using technologically advanced shredders, operating individually or in combination, tailored to its customer needs, within the spirit of the Circular Economy

Excellent Performance in any material

LINDNER’s expert technology adopts specially designed cutting systems for each material, while it automatically regulates parameters such as the speed of infeed and outfeed conveyor belts, allowing the optimum adaptability of the equipment to the operating conditions.
As a result, continuous supply and maximum performance are ensured, skipping any “surprises” that may be hiding in waste.

Unparalleled Quality and Reliability

Continuous research and development of the equipment LINDNER manufactures, supports the core philosophy of the company:

“Innovation as a principle. Quality as a promise.”

resulting in the phenomenal reliability of the machinery

Productivity and Economy

The advanced design of LINDNER products offers increased productivity by up to 40%.

Reduced friction and resistance, matched with maximum torque in steady power supply and the design for quick troubleshooting, ensure maximum productivity with the maximum economy.