LINDNER’s ANTARES series includes stationary shredders for the shredding of, mainly, paper, hard plastics, and thin plastics (film) but also for secure data destruction applications. However, as the term “universal” suggests, many more materials and applications can be considered.

Main features:  Like all the universal shredders of LINDNER, the cutting system consists of a single shaft, with square cutting tools along the shaft and is powered by an asynchronous electric motor. It operates in relatively low rpm and is robust and sturdy, able to produce consistently sized material, by adapting the cutting system to the main intended use.


Model Weight Cutting System Length Power
Antares 1300 7Tn ~1200mm 1x75kW
Antares 1600 8Tn ~1600mm 1x90kW
Antares 1900 9Tn ~1900mm 1x90kW

The Production capacity of the various models depends on the type and specification of the input materials.

For more detailed information, you may visit the manufacturer’s website:


  • For universal shredding applications, there are also the UNIVERSO and MICROMAT series models.

TEREC’s experienced sales staff will assist you to the right choice of model and cutting system, as well as the estimation of its true production potential.