LINDNER’S ATLAS stationary pre-shredders are designed for the initial shredding of various waste streams. They are available in two different versions, AS and SY.

Main features: Twin Shaft Cutting system; the cutting tools are arranged along the shafts and reduce the size of waste with a combination of chipping, shearing, and breaking. Typically, the waste is reduced to pieces approximately 200-250 mm in size, without excess production of dust and fines. The selection of the number and size of tools depends on the waste stream and the required result.


Model Weight Power Cutting System Remarks/Description
ATLAS 5500 AS ~35Tn 2x110kW AS For pre-shredding of industrial, commercial, bulky and solid municipal waste.
The two shafts are moving at different speeds and direction, asynchronously (AS) adjustable for optimum performance.
ATLAS 5500 SY ~39Tn 2x160kW SF or SR For shredding any type of wood waste.
The two shafts rotate synchronously (SY), at the same speed and in opposite directions.

Both models are driven by asynchronous electric motors using drive belt transmissions and are protected by a torque-limiting safety clutch. The details of the design and the production capacity are influenced by the type and specifications of the input material.

For more detailed information, you may visit the manufacturer’s website:

For the AS:

For the SY:


  • For pre-shredding applications, you may also consider the stationary pre-shredders of the JUPITER series, or the mobile shredders of the URRACO series.

TEREC’s experienced sales staff will assist you to the right choice of model and cutting system, as well as the estimation of its true production potential.