LINDNER’s POLARIS series of stationary shredders has been designed to perform in one single stage both initial and final shredding of various waste streams, mainly COMMERCIAL/INDUSTRIAL WASTE, BULKY WASTE and MUNICIPAL SOLID WASTE, in bulk or baled.

Main features:  Their construction and power transmission system resemble those of the JUPITER pre-shredder series, while their cutting system resembles that of a fine shredder, i.e. single shaft with straight cutting tools (rectangular plates) arranged along its length. The shredded material must pass through a screen, accurately defining the size of the output material. Powered by an asynchronous electric motor.


Model Weight Cutting System Length Power
Polaris 1800 21Tn ~1800mm 1x160kW
Polaris 2200 34Tn ~2200mm 1x200kW
Polaris 2800 31Tn ~2800mm 2x132kW

The Production capacity of the various models depends on the type and specification of the input materials.

For more detailed information, you may visit the manufacturer’s website: https://www.lindner.com/polaris

TEREC’s experienced sales staff will assist you to the right choice of model and cutting system, as well as the estimation of its true production potential.