The mobile shredders of LINDNER’s URRACO series provide shredding solutions for a wide variety of waste, indicatively commercial/industrial waste, wood and green waste, light metal scrap etc.

Main features: Twin shaft cutting system, with the appropriate cutting tools along the shafts’ length. The specific design of the cutting system is determined by the intended use. The shafts are hydraulically driven but the hydraulic unit and the other functions of the machine are powered by a diesel engine. The URRACO shredders are equipped with integrated conveyor belts for the extraction of the shredded material and can be also equipped with “over-belt” type magnets for the separation of any ferrous materials.

They come in two different sizes, URRACO 75 and URRACO 95, both equipped with diesel engines and tracks for moving within the working area, but their transportation to and from the site must be done on trailer.

Due to its relatively small size, the URRACO 75 comes in more versions. There is a version without tracks that can be transported by hook lift and can by equipped with towing system, so that it can be moved within the worksite by a forklift or other suitable vehicle. There is also an electrically powered version.


Model Weight Cutting System Motor
Urraco 75 D Hook Lift 18,5Tn 2x1500mm Diesel, 375hp (257kW)
Urraco 75 E Hook Lift 18,5Tn 2x1500mm Electric, 200kW
Urraco 75DK Tracks 22Tn 2x1500mm Diesel, 375hp (257kW)
Urraco 95DK Tracks 42Tn 2x2500mm Diesel, 770hp (566kW)

Production capacity of the various models depends on the type and specification of the input materials and the selection of cutting system.

For more detailed information, you may visit the manufacturer’s website: https://www.lindner.com/urraco95 and https://www.lindner.com/urraco75


  • The ATLAS series of stationary pre-shredders have a similar twin shaft cutting system.

TEREC’s experienced sales staff will assist you to the right choice of model and cutting system, as well as the estimation of its true production potential.